Everybody’s Son


Unitas Quick


Everybody’s Son
[Viola/ Quick] Song Lyrics- Poem ©2012

Trayvon slaughtered by
the bloody bullet of hate
clouded racist mind
seals his dying fate
Can’t live in a country where
you get shot down for Skittles & iced tea
Trayvon was cut down
by the blades of bigotry

Trayvon is everybody’s son
gunned down no chance to run
Trayvon is everybody’s son
Trayvon is everyone of us

Stalked him, was calculated
hunted down like prey
the color of his skin
marked him for his grave
Full of dreams he was just 17
You know what I mean
Face down in a hard rain
in the land of liberty


Silenced by a single shot
scars the mid-night sky
can you imagine the pain
in a mother’s lonely cry
Complex as it seems
in the end an unarmed teen
has been taken away
Should bring shame
these issues are systemic & ingrained



Song based on a poem by Saira Viola Lyrics Viola/Quick ©2012
Unitas Quick is a recording artist birthed in Baltimore
Saira Viola : Fiction ball buster, poet , song lyricist and creator of sonic scatterscript

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