Fifty Years Later












Fifty years later
America is still reeling
From the death of its President.

It still can’t believe it:
“Who would do something so wicked?”
“We’re still in mourning”, they bleat,

“For the loss of America’s innocence.”
But the Sioux and the Cheyenne
And the Algonquin Indians

Know that their country’s innocence
Was lost a long, long time before
The Kennedy assassination.

When America sits on its hands
And only removes them for a sugar buzz
From a bucket of coke, or to squash

Morsels of pulverized cow into its face,
Or to shoot its own kids by mistake
While killing Afghan goatherds with drones,

Or to place its hands together in prayer
Before devoutly gobbling its own God at Communion,
Then you know that such citizens are mad

And that any one American,
Given their barbaric conditioning,
Their militarized Disneyfication,

Could have aimed their favorite gun
At the Dallas motorcade
On November 22nd 1963.

Heathcote Williams
Illustration: Claire Palmer




By Heathcote Williams

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