kickers and Transylvanian twisters


This month the dark, twisted heart of Steam’s Jukebox Shuffle brings you a whole bunch of crypt kickers and Transylvanian twisters for Halloween. Blood curdling rhythm and blues, rotting rock ‘n’ roll, grinding garage loud enough to wake the dead and many more morbid masterpieces. It’ll fill you with dread… dig it baby!


The Johnny Otis How – Castin’ My Spell
The Poets – Dead
Ike Turner – She Made My Blood Run Cold
Screaming Lord Sutch ‎– She’s Fallen In Love With The Monster Man
Tommy Scott & Scotty Lee – The Exorcism
The Mark IV – Dante’s Inferno
Johnnie Morisette – Death Powder, Cold Steel
Ike Gordon – Don’t Let the Devil Ride
Louvin Brothers – Satan is Real
Eartha Kitt – I Want to be Evil
The Cords – Ghost Power
The Monocles – Spider And The Fly
Gary Spider Webb – The Cave, Part One
The Sonics – The Witch
Bobby Bare – Vampira
The Frantics – Werewolf
The Last Word – Sleepy Hollow
Gil Bateman – Daddy Walked in Darkness
Screaming Lord Sutch ‎- Till the Following Night
Napoleon XIV – They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You


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