Democrat booth at the South Carolina State Fair,
beyond the Funnel Cake stand, next to the chickens.

Well we ain’t got her elected yet
but we’re certainly gonna try.
You folk registered to vote, sure you are.
Well yes, maybe,  I say,  but not here.
You can tell other folk tho caint you you sure can.
Gonna give you this here bumper sticker.
Put that decal on front.
Republicans’ll know we’re wuppin em,
that’s the plan.

But in the event Judy Gilstrap goes down.
God fearing Eric Bikas, owner of popular
local tourist destination Aunt Sue’s Country
Corner on Highway 11 in Pickens he wins.
Didn’t see him at the State Fair wasn’t there
got his votes by other means.

Given a testament at the Gideon’s stall next door.
Man in a white shirt like a Mormon said the Church of
England’s fucked. Didn’t use that word, quite,
I paraphrase.  You a republican, I ask?
Sure and even if I wasn’t I would be.  This
is the south and the Land of the Free.

Not one dark face in the entire fair and only
a single sign in Spanish.  Tacos El Paraiso $2
White folk in shirts and tattoos and cowboy hats.
As far as the eye can see.

Peter Finch

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