where things like dragons hid in douma



Reuben Woolley

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  2. Reuben Woolley says:

    My thanks to Rupert M Loydell

  3. Red Slider says:

    Very effective, well said, especially in the hidden relentlessness of the dark creeping beneath the landscape, heading for its source. What rough beast goes a’tunneling,/tunneling/maggots of rot disperse/in burrows of/dark tomorrows. – With thanks to Reuben Woolley.

    • Red Slider says:

      already with the edits (oh dear, to spontaneous replies that turn on their authors) “…in burrows’/dark tomorrows”. Let’s see how that works (if the format holds indents):

      What rough beast goes a’tunnelling,

      maggots of rot disperse
      in burrows’
      dark tomorrows.

  4. phibby says:

    outstanding beginning – excellent write!!

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