A Bull

Aetor sounds a bit like Hector. It`s a name of Basque origin and its owner is proud with dark orbs and a dark head of curling hair like that of a young bull. He complains of stomach ache and is offered a remedy which he refuses, which translates as a bid to remove himself from petty duty. It`s not laziness but ennui which afflicts him and a belief that the trip to England would offer more. In Cornwall there is perhaps less.

Aetor meets up with Mateo and Lulu, who are here to help. Lulu shouts ‘What?’ when she doesn`t understand which alarms the villagers. Mateo writes down every new word on bits of paper which he leaves behind him like froth on a chill beach. They are young and alone in a wash of words where endeavour is misunderstood as dirty. They do not read The Telegraph. They are here to learn. Aetor is saving himself for tomorrow and tomorrow.



Sandra Tappenden
Claire Palmer

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