A Fellow Dandy

I am a fellow dandy, who keeps a candy handy,
fond of flamboyant hats.
But definitely not one of those vainglorious brats.
So what if I love to flaunt
a flower in my lapel,
and make the most of life
gorging on toast slathered with syrup of maple.

I am a man of multiple tastes.
Although a glutton, I crinkle my nose at humongous waists !
I am on the lookout for feathers for my hat.
One is insufficient, so let’s chat about that .
See my eyes, how very sparkling they are .
Come on , don’t you dare call them bizarre.

See the world with my ardour, strive harder.
Then, you too will be a fellow dandy.
With a taste for cookies and candy.



© Dr. Santosh Bakaya
Picture Nick Victor





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