A pensée and Poem on the Subject of King Boripus Rex


One particular aspect of the Johnson shadenfreude is that as a lover of ancient Greek culture Johnson will be aware that Corona is HIS fault, a plague unleashed by the gods for his execrable behaviour in helping Brexit over the line for his own advancement despite not believing in it, for sacking all his experienced elders in a blind drive to win the election, for lying to the electorate to gain power aswell as destroying London by selling it to global capital. He is like Oedipus the King. His job is to lift the plague from Thebes by finding the root cause of the Gods’ displeasure and finding out that it is HE who has displeased the gods and must ultimately pay the price of his caprice.




The King investigates
The plague on Blighty
Only to find it is he
Who has angered the gods
By killing his Father Churchill
And his dream
Of a United States Of Europe
And by fucking The Mother
Of Parliaments
With his wrecking-ball Svengali
Calling the shots like a psychopath
As care homes become charnel houses
Hospitals death pits
Schools dissemination centres
Airports virus refill stations
And the elite now living adverts
For contempt of the law
Sophocles become Benny Hill
And the King his own Fool
(With his lines fed through an ear-piece)
In a world-class cock-up to die for




Roddy McDevitt

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One Response to A pensée and Poem on the Subject of King Boripus Rex

    1. If Brexit…then Rexit? Given all those wonderful, international origins: American, German, Greek, the Brexiteers are hardly being consistent. A fine piece of truth telling.

      Comment by Heidi Stephenson on 6 October, 2020 at 3:41 pm

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