A Studied Informality

A studied informality is a desirable feature but it may
depend on the circumstances. Sometimes it’s wise to
remain in the shadows. Our plans are contained in a
consultation document but you may be entitled to

compensation for being misled. “It’s not just tropical
paradises with fabulous weather that are tempting the
wealthy,” she said. Is this the end for lipstick? Yet the
term ‘tree hugger’ is often used flippantly and here are

the trophies and here is the clothing. “It takes more
muscles to frown than it does to smile,” she said.
Current restrictions are breeding technical innovation
through virtual performances and an entitlement to

flexible working will be introduced. Have you ever eaten
jellyfish? “To hell with the backlash, this is shameless,”
he said. Masks are a huge issue when it comes to painted
lips but today we are all being pseudo journalists.


Steve Spence




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