We’re in remarkable company (festival chic
Luxurious mascara, tight white jeans)
Turn on tune in fall off the edge of the fairground
Summer beauty limited edition lost highway
Variation on a modern classic theme:
Got the looks? Got the moves?
Come for a walk on the beach
With me…

They don’t
they can’t
have everything
Your opinions are superfluous
Lose yourself (in one or two takes or
A glass house with resident beautician)
Feel the heat remove unwanted hair
All over the place, kill your pet rat or
Smash a pink ceramic piggy bank;
With oodles of vintage bubbly we
Rehabilitate ‘the sport of fashion’.
Just waiting for a response –
Rollicking in Santa Cruz or somewhere
In London, dream streets away from
All those ghastly types in denim jackets

Turn on tune in fall off the edge of the fairground

Undercover and/or over ground at some arty show
Where they all hang out, finding just the right beat
Discussing the latest debauchery, taking it
All to a new level on a gorgeous isle far from here
Where there are just too many reasons,
Just too many corridors – and far too many stories.

Turn on tune in fall off the edge of the fairground

Waiting in the wings for another new friend
To seduce with something truly precious and

We don’t mind the not-so-distant future…

Suddenly the dining-room doors opened…

Turn on tune in fall off the edge… where
The horizon meets the sea.


A.C. Evans
Montage Claire Palmer



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