Albion Estate Sign (1970)

Albion Estate was built in 1970. It was described as “strong and stable public housing that proudly secures our future and makes Britain the envy of the world.”

It was demolished in 1972.

The sign above, and the section of outdoor lavatory wall it sits on, is all that remains of Albion Estate.


  1. They demolished it because it because full of shithouses


  2. Dr. Littler, this is truly a genius work of art and I love you for it. I wonder if anyone else understands the entirety of what you have done here. There is so much meaning, so much neatly packaged intent. It is masterful.

    I particularly like the reference to Jerusalem, the hymn. This is biting in its wit and intellectual yet cutting and funny…and so true.

    It almost drives me to weep; not just for its beauty but for what it implies. This is a strong, moving message.

    Those of you who don’t get it yet: consider the fact that the estate looks like a map of Britain. Then go from there.

    I love you.

    One of your American fans.

    Scarfolk today, Scarfolk tomorrow, Scarfolk forever.


  3. Only one Community Segregation Centre? Surely the residents have to be divided and that makes several communities…. Or is the Centre there to divide the individual from whatever community s/he was originally unwilling inducted into, into something even less inviting?

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