Baby London, I’m Shy and Naive











  • ‘’you and I and dominoes,
    time goes by’’

    Always moving places
    statues bridges corners
    as the sky over us
    constantly switches shapes,
    that’s my line
    ‘the London sky is always moving.’
    In Piccadilly Circus an army of
    people disintegrated in having all the fun of the night.
    And I’m trudging across, all alone mixed in
    with the wild crowd alienated from
    my very core, digesting
    the bad Chinese food –
    and the mythology of

    Lady killers
    Lion in winter
    Ghost, Thriller (why not)
    this is quite a selection
    all these confusing now musicals –
    Thank you, Alexander, for
    the sweet smell of London.

    She comes
    to me and says
    ‘there’s wind in London so
    don’t take your wings, 
    unless you’re going to a
    party with other demons; 
    it’s raining in London, it has to.
    We all expect it,
    rain drops are solid in London.’

    I say in a pretty poor 
    or straight cool
    way, ‘raindrops are solid
    in London – and they too could break
    our wings and swings.’

    We thought the same,
    we planned an impossible escape,
    we misspelled the intro word,
    we acted for the camera
    Behave Rejoice:
    we were alone

    My altered ego, gently,
    remove the observer 
    away the night moves
    towards the night of
    the following day.

Puslenghea Bogdan
Pic: Claire Palmer

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2 Responses to Baby London, I’m Shy and Naive

    1. Your best graphic ever congratulations.
      Lovely poem.

      Comment by Mike Lesser and Robert Tasher on 30 September, 2013 at 9:52 am
    2. Thanks comrades! 🙂 Cx

      Comment by Claire on 8 October, 2013 at 2:37 pm

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