Beautiful sulk



Part 1


I’ll revel

in the moment

when my brother

has a son,

single life –

I do not wish

to go on.



a puppet with

bones were I –

a skeleton with eyes

I bow.

And my crown

cut from my body

and used



heavy weight

to sink ships

and crush

the coral reef


the epidemic feeds.

On the fishes

under rocks in disguise,

some without mothers –

some younger than others –

some in a blitzkrieg war

of their own.

And its crazy

to say

but they’re drowning,

its crazy to see

that they’re buffering –

like all things nowadays,

is that what we do

when we’re sleeping?

When we’re weeping,

I expired and lost my voice











Part 2


I am different

than in the deadly heat

of one month ago.

Still –


as I was before my

summer in love.

I see dusk

outside my window

and new flowers opening

after reincarnation –

forgetting death.

The loose petals

that have bitten the dust

are sewn –

into a secure bouquet

and await the growth

of the amazon

where they meet.

In a virtual Brazil,

a place full of unwell wit.

A raid on future life

like I had never felt depression.

A raid on future life

considered paralysis –

and dare I say a luxury.

Pencil prescriptions –

milligrams seen as

a number of hierarchy,

the enthusiastic support

is not enough to

sedate me,

as I’m catapulted

into another test.

Septic tears

serve to bribe

through paralytic times,

feeding the veins –

splitting the crust

on sewer waters.


at it’s strongest in

my darkest hour,

with nothing more

than a silver spoon beside

my bed.

My reflection –











zack Robinson






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    1. utterly captivating – i adore

      Comment by Stephanie Luka on 18 January, 2018 at 8:59 am

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