Although it’s difficult to see the hills
beyond the towers, anyone can borrow
a bicycle and attempt to leave. Between
gestalt and empathy lie cultural remains,
secreted in various grottoes created as
a result of vigorous urban renewal.

Buy a ticket, advance yourself a loan,
and give yourself a holiday in the past,
remembering that meaning remains open
to interpretation and must be extracted
by those who are indifferent or might be
vulnerable to collage and democratic song.

Life is confusing for those conflicted by
or unresponsive to the experience of war.
Between technology and abstract forms,
entropy dictates disintegration, often
becomes actual: the Cathedral of Misery
has no shortage of worshippers, although

it is a rickety monument to volatile self,
intentionally kitschy and stuffed with
sublimated souls eager to take charge
and make things worse. But the wind
of zeitgeist is in our pockets and
mimetic acerbation fills the sails

as we make our way across the spectrum
of the avant-garde. It is not far from
indifference to interwar modernism,
impoverished exile to flea-market life.
If you oscillate between guns and art
you end up with a version of dissent.


   © Rupert M Loydell





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