Ta-Dah! Now, what? Going places?
Towards one-way power play no penalty bugbear beano
Save more good to go action adrenaline rush so huge, girl
Waiting for moonrise, my friend or not
Luna Malinconica!
Attacked by giant buttons, you can call me anytime anywhere,
Uptown, downtown, life on the line, sophistication never ends
Magic happens. Time to snuggle up to a little taste of luxury, small world
Dream team with all the roles you play, no satisfaction guaranteed
Technical even traditional hail a twinge, a string of time-frames
Flying box deals welcome to it’s a scam – suction alignment,
Luxury handcrafted parties and behind-the-scenes tearaways,
Electrical flower stylists on the loose by night photographic memory,
Logic zone priority easy ways hot and cold, back to the… fizzy thrill of it all at all.
Right OK yeah, yeah, yeah, ha, ha, ha, select oh, really?
With or without? Crazy flight access delivering beyond off limits,
Mannerism all so heroic raiders strange zone fireball of flaming
Way in, way out, off and on, across the street, round the bend,
Up the wall over the top mad rotating orbit car crash you bet.
Don’t talk about take-off and landing, we’re off limits I tell ya
Super-supportive slip-on advanced touch easy roll lacking castors
Where’s the pause? I hear you shriek. Where’s the pause?
A chain-smoking granny from hell of drones wafted by,
Out of the way with an old fashioned look like a subterranean mutant,
Hooded menace most powerful, reaching all parts don’t delay.
Like a centrifuge very nervous harassed by men in tartan shorts,
Flying transit equipment united asteroid rising distraction;
Sharp quartz and piercings,
senora? Holiday snaps from Marbella.
It’s total chaos downtown – your words, not ours
What’s it all about? Is this Bimbo City? Is it Hell?
Retro shades, torn jeans, up-do pony tail, bubble-gum,
Self-service suicides, bridge not so far in the fast lane
Low cut strappy tops; get The Look, storm the town hall,
Pushing the envelope is what this all about. We all know where it’s at.
Don’t get out much bad luck, show-stopping belters dazzling night
Dancing with yourself; like a playgirl with massive knockers, it’s
Just urban entertainment, it’s a high-powered flypast,
Of advanced fighter jets blasting the sky apart, just for a laugh.
Multifunction display so heart-warming, so uplifting, so life on the tiles.
Slow motion idea, think paradise on wheels, while here in the cockpit
We’re grooving to
Neo-Limbo by some strange Brave Combo.
What’s it all about? Conditions peculiar; you like flirty texts? Crazy vids?
Focused bright white light, orbiting space junk, contrails across the sky,
That’s your world, not just any world. Bursts of tangy more off tide
Deranged circular towards upper range, pack of queens ahead central spooky
Disco out now tonight machine controlled what a difference a day makes
Private meditation, no way – no stopping just take it away take it for good
Take it for granted pull a fast one do it on the cheap on the, wahey!
Drunken smooch it’s a curse that’s what it is.
Secret fusion power finished in brushed silver when you need it.
Weekends of fun, destination express whatever, wahey!
Stink of fags, booze, dark cherries (our distributors are sassy and classy),
There’s no stopping this galaxy of hybrid horror, urban life,
Standing design, nothing planned, Flamboyant fandango understatement, go with
Therapy in operation, it all starts with daylight signs, grab a hand!


A.C. Evans

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