Blood Money

blood money


She can start paying tax blood pays for pain cramps and aches to pay for your treatment which is just a fact of life for most girls for domestic abuse as young as 8 and women sharp stabs make you ask your mum when she started paying nagging pain spreads through you.

Her tax to mop up her blood girls these days girls experience dizziness nausea are paying fully absorbent tax to diarrhoea or vomiting but bleed every month younger than ever your tax soaks up everything super absorbent soaks up bruises inserting tax as easy as putting on a velvet glove.

She practises swelling concussion broken ribs tax insertion during your period trauma depression low self-esteem tax should glide in easily emotional anxiety and a sense of keep paying tax on your bleeding relentless desperation paralysis and hopelessness.

She takes responsibility for treating inevitable pain discreet super absorbent non toxic organic cotton pain in the future soaks up chronic fear tax soaking up 6-9 tablespoons of intimidation threats and psychological damage.


Lucy Furlong
Illustration Nick Victor


Lucy Furlong’s writing has been widely published. Her poetry map, Amniotic City, was featured in The Guardian, and her second map, Over the Fields, was published in September. A collection of her poems, clew, is available from Hesterglock Press.



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