There’s no shortage of war artists

I’d prefer to have a shirt

That isn’t frayed or discoloured


Where I sweat. I sweat a lot

Drugs (amphetamines)


The problem

With using bleach on stains


It does away with the stitching


And there’s the dilemma. You
Need to plan for a replacement

Sooner rather than later. I like


The futurists, surrealists. Kirchner
And the expressionists. But none

Of them are combat specialists


In my childhood I’ll play with soldiers

Endlessly. But I won’t be born for ages


The shirts belonged to my Grandad

Not the one who fought. The other


I’ll inherit them

Gran had kept them


God love her


Sometimes I sound foolish. Poisoned


In the trenches, Paul Nash
Is cold but most spectacular. Grosz
And Dix, the Germans. Goya takes

Some beating. Those atrocities


Did he see them or imagine?


If I had to own one

I’d want Uccello’s


The Battle of  San Romano
Steven Taylor
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