Dark days, dark down dog days, dark down drug drunk drudge days.
Saturdays. The drinking only makes it worse.

Dog days, grown glum gloom grime grot days, and grave nights.
Sundays. Reading the lost art of indulgence.

Manoeuvre on dark days, manoeuvre on drug drunk darn down dog days,
Manoeuvre on, manoeuvre on. Mondays.

Blood days in a blood rage, should-could-would love days.
Tuesdays. Cause of dog down drug drunk dumb days.

Impression stage, always, collected poems on a page.
Wednesdays. When to have come and gone wrong rot days. 

Thursdays. First days, curst to nurse the worst thirst days.
Persistence spent, wasted words, pounds, pence.

Fridays. Blind drunk, dry, blunt, upfront cancellation days,
Dog days. Dark down drug drunk junk days.





© Greg Fiddament 2020

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