Erotic Rose


“Erotismo di una rosa”
english version

erotic rose(photo from the web)

Fragile fresh, and divinely intense,
Its poetic beauty has an immense purity.
The poignant edges of petal, so vulnerable
Ao easily crushed, these flakes…
These harmonious flakes of vital emotion.

The rose opens silently. It’s erotic. It’s quiet.
There’s her crisp charm; her ardent nature;
Her devotion to silver dew-drops –
Almost mischievously she is kissed by them.
They kiss her and leave her softly wet.
Now she wears a transparent mantle
Of crystal buttons. Her nakedness is covered
By the purest rubies; making love to her
With imperceptible motions. Noble motions.

Thorns and petals, pain and tenderness:
The flower harmonises all these contrasts.
The shimmering dew-drops and the rose blend
Together In an exciting dance, silently wrapped.

Their breaths of life only audible by angels –
Effusive caresses exquisitely ethereal.
A burning love. Unconditional and natural,
You see ideal feelings there. An infinite painting,
Making the rose a total emblem of perfection.

Its purity and its noiseless pleasure in love
Educates the soul. Turns it on. The heart glows!
For pure love is hidden in that dew and its flower.
It’s naturally perfect and tenderly fragile.
In it are fiery lovers; indomitable miracles.


Elena Caldera
English transl: Heathcote Williams


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