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Ponder me this. Ponder sub rosa:
I paint my face and I’m vain –
Just a poser;
He paints my body –
A master composer?

Over? Believe me, this is far from over!
I’m a frontline, cunt-shine,
Drop-a-dime Opposer.
Walking chiascuro:
Exposed and exposer.

So lick it up baby:

And ponder my rosa.
Ponder my clit.
Word on the street
It’s offensive as spit,
Or lubricous gum:

But I call bullshit.

Imposing my rosa,
I’m spread out on stage. Glaringly lit
And inverting your gaze,
‘Cause my cunt won’t be shunted
To some paltry page:

Is it pin-up or protest masticating your brain?

I ponder my rosa
On a ponderous train
White plains, yellow rocks
And blood reddish grain.
Honey I’m home:
Ponderosa C.A.




Beth Perkin
Illustration Nik Gernert

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