For Julian Assange

Photo: Jan Woolf


Seasonal thoughts Julian.

Let’s raise a toast to you,

And the struggle for your freedom.

This freedom business, eh?

Freedom from and freedom to – the sophistry of philosophers.

But it can be a business.

Neo-Liberals are free to do what they want,

But then so are hyenas.

And we find rich mobs

Starting political Freedom Parties.

Don’t they love the word?

Doesn’t it glisten like the gold they spin?

And the kidnap of the word, of course.

They mugged it, threw it into a cell.


They are also free to say what they want when it isn’t true –

Like Mars Bars are good for you, or that a country has weapons of mass destruction.

But when you, Julian drew aside Shadowland’s veil, revealing what’s there

That’s a different American ball game.

In pictures, real ones mind, not doctored photos, or hearsay, or cooked up interviews.

But moving.  Film. Proof.  They showed ‘em,

And you showed us.

The enlightening dark, glittering in its cruelty.

They came for you and they are torturing you.

Like Saint Sebastian

But instead of arrows they shoot you with tranquillisers.

And strip-search you – for what?

You have nothing left but what you know,

And what you stand for.

Standing too, in an upright coffin as you’re driven to court.

Deprived of sleep and company.

You exposed death

So now they are killing you

You exposed cruelty

So now they are cruel beyond measure.

The great British justice system, eh?

Innocent until proven…


There will be a time, in the better world we struggle for

 When you’ll be venerated.

Like the women and men.

Who told the truth and were persecuted.

So let’s carve your name with pride.


Not later, when you’re done and dusted,

Or dead or extradited.


For how many know that –

‘Extradition shall not be granted if the offence for which extradition is required is a political offence.’ 

And since they are throwing the book at you

This is article 3 para 4 of the US extradition treaty.

And how many know this?

That presiding judge Lady Arbuthnot

Is married to her Lord, who Wikileaks exposed.


So who will they come for next? 

No journalist who behaves, that’s for sure.

Christmas thoughts, Julian.

May you soon walk in the sun.



Jan Woolf – for Artists Against War, Stop the War Xmas fundraiser December 11, 2020



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    1. Well said.

      Comment by Dave Lawton on 12 December, 2020 at 6:57 pm

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