from THE JOURNAL (1854)


                     “And it seems like only yesterday…..”
Lady Scarlett gave a ball. It was wonderful: we ate cake and danced to laughter, and the gentlemen were the very picture of the finest Englishmen. There was much chatter in floral hats and applause all around. Fanny and Clarissa each have a fine pair of dogs and England was looking good. I was so moved by all the swish and tit I was driven to fetch it off later that night before I could sleep. There has been a lot of talk about cruel masters, but it’s clear to me that if you would not be starved then be obedient. And do not drink or drug if you can’t afford it. At times I am so pent up with anger and quite long to scrub the scum. They’re all so wobbly-boned. And oh! how their babies cry!

Martin Stannard

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