from The Life of the Theatre 116

what action can we take

1.         teach the children the small ones
            infiltrate the educational system
            blow the kids’ minds
            prepare them

            form free schools
            give all our knowledge away
            study the revolution and teach it

            widen the spirit
            initiate great dreams

2.         infiltrate industry
            talk to farm laborers the workers the poor
            help them to organise themselves
            to combat their daily misery
            rent medical aid exploitation harassment
            help them to recognise the reality of their oppression

3.         infiltrate the media
            whoever can
            but remember they’re geared to speak for the system

4.         start communes
            we need to figure out the problems
            like how to supply each other with what we need
            we need also to supply examples of communal solutions
            and of social relations that work

5.         found newspapers magazines make posters illegal radio tv
                      stations that can transmit and jam the main lines
            with vivid information
            tell the people what the revolution is for what against
            how to do it
            open ears to new sound of whole earth

6.         make free stores
            get people habituated
            to the idea of free
            give yourself away

7.         infiltrate the army the police

8.         form cells

            groups of five are good
            people you know intimately and can trust
            soon it may not be as easy for us as it is now
            people you can work together with easily
            study a craft
            or an industry we may have to supply our own needs
                      during harder times
            study the revolution together
            organize a place for public discussions
            get to know the police of your city
            study medicine
            first aid
            police and military tactics and how to subvert them
            study the jails the architecture
            study the courts
            and oil and science
            study electronics
            and cybernetics

            and publicize the information

            study the city plans
            how to gum them up and make them function like poems

9.         deliver mail free
            find time in your life to do free services
            repair cars
            clean streets
            the digger thing
            it undermines the props of the system
            it blows people’s minds
            it makes light enter
            it lifteth the spirit

10.       write on the walls

11.       figure out how to take over the system
            how to distribute the food
            how to produce it
            and all the other stuff we need

            and be sure there are enough workers ready and people
                     to start living without money without police army
                     state and prisons all forms of coercion
            and do it

12.       the cell that flashes the people with
                       an experience of beauty
            so that they have something to move towards
            and of the ugliness to move away from
            because the sense of beauty is gone
            and with it the sense of god goodness and the creative
            and what remains is the ugly destruction
            that can only be answered by our beauty
            just by our being there
            the confrontation happens
            as we walk down the street and in public places
            the love force in the face

            remembering always
            that we have to re-create beauty and love
            because beauty and love as we know them have been shaped by
            authoritarian capitalism and loaded with its content

13.       clusters working together
            network of affinity groups processing anarchist theory
                         and practice
14.       autogestion syndicates
            networks of volunteers voluntarily unified processing anarchist
                           theory and practice

15.       be more specific

            if necessary
            develop exercises
            to sharpen our thinking

            the hard work
            of transforming the poetry

            into planning
            the plans
            into action

16.       keep inventing further actions
            as long as necessary


Julian Beck
Picture David Cooper

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