Greedy Children Kill Christmas

‘I blame the parents, they’re absolutely stupid’: Shop Santas reveal how ‘spoiled’ children demanding iPads have killed the true spirit of Christmas and made their jobs a nightmare

…….With his decades of experience observing kids and their desires at close hand, it’s perhaps unsurprising to learn [Santa] Ron has some strong opinions about how children are being raised in our modern world — not to mention how the true spirit of Christmas has been eroded by obsessive consumerism.

But he doesn’t blame the children. No. It’s the parents he criticises. He’s adamant that children are spoiled by getting too many presents.

On one recent Christmas morning he was invited into a home, only to find he couldn’t even walk across the living room floor due to the carpet of toys and plastic tat.

The avalanche of presents in the average British home can make this soul-destroying. Ron, who works in the furniture business, says: ‘I was shocked at that house where I couldn’t walk across the room. And what happens? You have children who expect more and more.

‘They rip open one present, go “oh yeah”, and say: “Where’s the next one?”

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