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In 1997-’98, many Bedouin refugees living under Israeli Occupation were forcibly displaced by Israel to a garbage dump. During this entire period, the Oslo Peace Process was ongoing, with “high hopes” for peace. During recent peace talks, military plans to forcibly displace some 30,000 Bedouin refugees for settlement expansion continued to be developed, and in the aftermath of those talks, the plan is progressing and extremely urgent as to the initial 2,800 facing imminent forced displacement.

A film by Oscar Award nominee and International Emmy Award Winner Guy Davidi
Produced by Angela Godfrey-Goldstein
Music Pink Floyd
Courtesy of David Gilmour & Polly Samson


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Guy Davidi

Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Award Winner Guy Davidi has been directing, shooting, and editing since the age of sixteen. In 2006 his film “In Working Progress” was released and participated in film festivals around the world. Three more shorts followed: “A Gift from Heaven” in 2008, “Women Defying Barriers” in 2009 (Best Documentary in Montecatini Festival), and “Keywords” which premiered at Haifa Film Festival in 2010. In 2010 Davidi screened his first full-length film “Interrupted Streams” in the official competition of the Cinema-South Festival and competed in the Jerusalem Film Festival, winning the David Silver Camera at the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival. His second feature “Five Broken Cameras” was a huge international success: it was nominated for the Oscar 2013 (Best Documentary), winning a 2013 International Emmy Award. Davidi won the prize for Best Director at the Sundance Film Festival and the Audience and Jury awards at IDFA in Amsterdam and Best Documentary in Cinema Eye Honors. In addition, the film won awards in over 30 film festivals (e.g. Sheffield, Cinema du Reel, Planete + Docs, and Jerusalem Film Festival). Five Broken Cameras has been soldto numerous TV stationsand been commercially distributed in theaters across Europe, Asia and North America.


Five Broken Cameras (2012) Israel – Palestine – France.
• Oscar 2013 Nomination – Best Documentary.
• International Emmy Award Winner – Best Documentary 2013.
• Jury Prize and Audience award winners, IDFA Film Festival 2012.
• Best Director Award Winner, Sundance Film Festival 2012.
• Won more than 30 awards in festivals and commercially distributed in cinemas around the world.

Interrupted Streams (2010) Israel- Switzerland.
• David’s Silver Camera Award – Warsaw Jewish Film Festival.
• Premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival
• Participated in Cinemambiente Film Festival (Italy) and festivals around the world.

Keywords (2010) Israel (short)
• Premiered at the Haifa Film Festival, 2010
• Participated in the Sole Luna Festival (Italy) and film festivals around the world.

Women Defying Borders (2009) Israel – Palestine – Italy (short)
• Best Documentary – Montecatini Film Festival (Italy)
• Participated in the Mecal Film Festival (Spain) and film festivals around the world.

A Gift from Heaven (2008) Israel (short)
• Premiered at the Workers’ Film Festival in Haifa 
Participated in Curtocircuito Film Festival (Spain) and film festivals around the world.

In Working Progress (2006) Israel – Switzerland (mid-length)
• Premiered at the Lussas Film Festival (France).
• Participated in GZDocs (China) and dozens of film festivals around the world.


Angela Godfrey-Goldstein is co-founder of The Jahalin Association (Nabi Samwel), with Sulaiman abu Dahouk and others in the Bedouin Jahalin community.

Angela worked for four years (1998-2002) in Sinai, especially with 100 families of Nuweiba Bedouin handicraft producers, supporting them with a “not for profit” hotel bazaar in Sharm el Sheikh, their only outlet, and then for six years selling their products to the diplomatic community in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. She was an environmental/peace activist in Sinai, during which time for 6 months she organised local and international diving instructors to save Ras Mohammed Marine Park (a $300 million diving industry) from a Crown of Thorns plague. This success was the catalyst to take the underwater environment out of the hands of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, to the international and Egyptian diving community, thus protecting the No. 2 marine park in the world. At this time, she campaigned for Bedouin land rights, succeeding in fighting demolition of Bedouin camps by a media campaign (Reuters in Cairo et al.): the Egyptian Government was forced, for the first and only time, to grant licences to Bedouin landowners as to 12 kms. of Bedouin beach resorts at a time of major Egyptian development of those lands. She also secured major (multi-million dollar) funding for 10 years from Egyptian Swiss Development Fund for two Bedouin NGOs (in South and North Sinai), involving agricultural development, drilling of wells, school infrastructure/education and handicraft development; they were then the only Sinai Bedouin NGOs to be donor-funded in Cairo (in spite of Egyptian government resistance). She also organised Egyptian Rotary to bring doctors, food, blankets and clothing to Sinai Bedouin in Nuweiba. She has an 18-year ongoing relationship with Sinai Bedouin.

Her advocacy includes: issuing a 2007 publication about the Jahalin: Nowhere Left to Go; funding 45% of the “car tyres” school (donated by Dutch NGO SIVMO and French “CCLF”); fundraising treatment of Jahalin mukhtar, Abu Musa, at an Israeli hospital  ($30,000); writing about Palestine indigenous issues, citing Al Khan el Ahmar, in Indigenous World 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 (IWGIA); developing a 2011 film Nowhere Left to Go for CESCR, along with a YouTube video, to advocate Jahalin human rights: the film was screened in March 2013 at the New York Peace Films Festival; a four-minute version is available at Time Magazine’s website; both are also at www.jahalin.org (the leading portal on Bedouin Jahalin issues); and producing the film HIGH HOPES (which can be seen on YouTube shortly) directed/edited by Guy Davidi of FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS, with soundtrack “High Hopes” donated by Pink Floyd, which highlights forced displacement of Jahalin in 1997-98, using archive AP and BBC material. 

Angela has been an Israeli since 1981, of dual British nationality. Her Israeli peace activism started in 1996 as volunteer editor for Friends of the Earth Middle East/ EcoPeace (Palestinian, Jordanian, Egyptian and Israeli at that time). She was Advocacy Officer and alternative tour guide with ICAHD – The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions for ten years (2002-2011) and regularly advocates through guided tours and briefings with journalists, diplomats, politicians, church leaders and activists, and has presented in many foreign ministries and parliaments, including twice (2006/2013) at the European Parliament, twice at the British Parliament (Portcullis House), at UN Conferences, the 2006 Presbyterian GA, inaugurated the Malmo Social Forum (with Mustafa Barghouti), conducted many international speaking tours, including with Jahalin Bedouin spokespersons, and written widely for various publications or online sites. She edited the first Palestinian guidebook: PALESTINE & PALESTINIANS (English version), including its recent launch as an IPad and IPhone “app”, managed a Sinai tourism magazine PENINSULA (Sharm el Sheikh/Cairo), and prior to Israeli immigration worked in radio and theatre, including London’s West End; she was BBC-trained and employed as a freelance radio arts interviewer. A member of EAPPI’s Local Reference Group, she has guided incoming groups since 2002 for their political orientation tour.

In 2009 Angela organised a delegation of Palestinians who had been evicted from their homes by settlers in Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah to:- attend UN SC hearings on Israeli practices as to human rights in the OPT, give 20 briefings to UNSC missions and 40 congressional briefings in DC, attend the inaugural J Street Conference, brief New York’s liberal Jewish community, engage in media interviews, and network with activists and the Arab American community. She has organised three such missions to the United Nations in New York, most recently in 2013 with a Bedouin colleague, advocating against impending planned forced displacement.


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