Ideology is as much use as a snooker table on a yacht
Or a full graveyard.
Ideology is heartbreak for the heartless,
An iron lung for the dead.
Ideology eliminates the need for punctuation.
Ideology is a hundred wanabe drinkers chanting “OPEN” at a pub door displaying an “Open” sign.
Ideology is the last refuge of stay-at-home refugees.
Ideology is recuperation recuperated;
The spectalization of the spectacle.
Ideology is a reflection of something reflected in a mirror.
Ideology is a martial art, like snapping your fingers to keep the elephants away from the city centre; it always works.
Ideology is the sexism of stones.
Ideology is a parachute for tower blocks.
Ideology is a tattoo in invisible ink.
Ideology is a milk transfusion for vampires.
Ideology can’t count past one.
Ideology is the answer to the question, “Why not?”
Ideology is a lifebelt for the drowned.
Ideology costs the earth.


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