In The Rain Room

In this rain room everything else
is bespattered. Wet are the furniture,
photo frames, journals, books
never opened, computer and
our kaput television set,
except you. You bring in 
the dry night. You sit down
dressed in a film of the road 
winking by, girl waiting to see it 
disappear in the dust and dark, 
clusters of queries rising 
from the eyes of a child 
standing on the roof. If her father 
returns home tonight she will 
ask him about those stars we see 
on the dry nights. Inside it showers.
He will open an umbrella, if he 
alights from the last bus, and move
near your couch, invite the girl 
and the child, and you all 
will be wet and dry at once.




Kushal Poddar
Picture Nick Victor


Kushal Poddar lives in Kolkata, India
Author Facebook- 





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