We have not met since centuries;
since we parted
in the presence of great dividers
into You and I;

and then, the roads diverged,
and put us two
on a collision course;

we were two trains
rushing forth from opposite directions
to crash at one point

this was no way
to come together;
this was the way
logic had lost;

i carried my dreams
aboard my stomach;
and you, yours
aboard your parted hair;

looking in different directions;
Unlike Janus
which looks back
and forth
and is the meeting point of the year;

we had lost all meeting points;
our life was
my expectations multiplied by
your expectations
equal to an unconfusing number
called zero;

we came to naught
simply because we thought and thought
of you and you, of me and me;
and never brought the warring camps
to a slot, which begins and ends with a dot.

here we are;
inheritors of Eden’s lost bliss;
Eve’s left overs and Adam’s debris.


Jernail S Anand
Pic: Claire Palmer



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