Instead of Sitting Down with CND

We had parades in support of the established church

Godly folk in their white starched best with banners
And imported brass bands, hired from outside

Former mining towns (with colliery names)

To march us down between the shuttered shops
On Market Street to honour the certainties of sin

The unchallenged link between church and state

A vicar agreed on rotation speaking familiar blessings
Into an unfamiliar microphone, his voice wavering

In the breeze before he reached for ever and ever
Amen. The biggest walk we had was at Whitsun

When all of Hyde came out, curious
To watch us pace and rally in our splendour

As though we were the circus come to town

You don’t think when you’re taking part
But there’s a kind of madness involved

In religious certainty

For ours was the power
The glory. The Kingdom come

Marching As To War

1,314 people were arrested in Trafalgar Square




Steven Taylor
Photo   Anti-fascist demonstrator protesting against a National Socialist Party rally, Trafalgar Square, London, 1962 © Don McCullin



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