Child-like delight in finding vacant

top deck front seats, the panorama

of the cloud drama and enough sun

to make it feel like a holiday, jaunt

rather than another workaday ride home


as we leave the city behind lemon yellow

and pulsing blue breaks through dream/reverie


police in a cavalcade, six or seven Skodas

and three or four Judge Dread outriders


what now?


Unease replaces novelty

the Cool War on our very own doorstep

tv crews with microphones web the paths

of bewildered shoppers


some are limelight extraverts,

others, confused, not wanting

to be part of the spectacle


what now?


These days you tempt fate

by turning on your very own tv…


live pictures, the prime minister

doing/going (?) walkabout, familiar

landmarks visible behind her


she speaks the well-worn phrases

politicians save for these occasions

although I can’t judge, blame her


the news rolls, changes, goes

and tomorrow there will be different clouds

another sky-scape,


PM and crews packed up and gone.




Jonathan Chant
Illustration Nick Victor



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