LARGER THAN LIFE – Andrew Lendzion exhibition

 ( 22nd June At Hanbury Gardens, Ventimiglia – Italy)


Andrew Lendzion is an artist working from studios in the United Kingdom and France. He trained at St Martins School of Art, London, and is a contemporary sculptor. In recent years Lendzion has worked with museums, which include the British and Ashmolean.

In his “Larger-than-life” exhibition, Hellenistic mythologies embrace the heroes of the present in a timeless union.

Monumental sculptures take the spectator on a magical journey into the past, through works of legendary charm, but with marble veins that appear to flow with a superhero’s  blood, made of pixels and modern ink.

A pre-functional concern of polytheistic belief defined a statue as an idol, and in the modern era idolatry is discernible in the common psyche. In reinstating mythic and idolatry imagery to the statuary, the series seeks to emphasise a vital and primal root within contemporary culture.

The show starts on the 22nd June At Hanbury Gardens, Ventimiglia (Italy)

Artist Website:

Thanks to Mike England

(part of the text by Elena Caldera and parts extracted from the Website, pics from the Website)


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