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Michael Horovitz was a poet, singer-songwriter, visual artist, translator, literary journalist & editor-publisher. In 1959 he founded New Departures, and in 1980 the Poetry Olympics festivals. In 1986 he was awarded OBE & in 2000 a Creative Britons Award. The most recent of his 50 or so books is A New Waste Land. He was characterised by Allen Ginsberg as a “Popular, experienced, experimental, New Jerusalem, Jazz Generation, Sensitive Bard” “The poem was begun in extreme disaffection at so many world-bleeders continuing to prioritise gathering ever more power amid the military-industrial presumptions of the continuing philistine Nillennium. It could be regarded as something of a footnote to my New Waste Land of 2007. It feels a bit beside the point to try to describe it in prose as it does very much aspire to be a poem, though perhaps also a cry.”

He passed this month and our hearts go out to his people in which we include ourselves.


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