Lost to Addiction

Even with clear skies finding alien
planets is no easy matter. Are you
a mud larker? There is no secret
as to how you build a rocky planet

yet the presence of so many visitors
may alter the delicate balance of life
on a river. When we return one month
later has everything gone to plan?

“It’s not just men on the mountain,”
she said. What’s your definition of a
law-abiding citizen? Exactly how are
planets formed? “We’ve since discovered

that it’s really all about you,” she said.
What’s the duration of a typical contract?
Here we have the forerunner of the
domestic vacuum cleaner but these days

we are also dotting our ‘i’s and crossing
our ‘t’s. What’s the policy on masks?
“The marbling on my buttocks beggars
belief,” he said. Who are we competing

with today? “We all need special attention,”
she said, “especially those lost to addiction.”



Steve Spence

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