Meat plays a large part in the human diet, although what kind depends on the culture. in which it is eaten. For instance, one would not ask for a bacon sandwich in Karachi, or one of salt beef in Delhi.

However, the human relationship with meat is much closer than this since the articulated armature known as ‘Skeleton’ which holds the human upright, is thickly clad with the stuff.

The lower part of this mobile structure known as ‘legs’, allow the human to move around in a bi-pedal manner known as ‘walking’. When walking it is necessary to move the legs alternately, for if both legs were used at the same time the walker would not get very far.

Walking is an interesting word since by removing the ‘W’ and replacing it with a ‘T’ the result is ‘Talking’, a thing people do with their mouths.

Talking gives rise to ‘language’, a medium used for the most part to create confusion, although it has other functions such as the writing of poetry, or used by men to impress women, otherwise it has little to be said for it.


The jawbone likes to waggle
And tedious though it seems
It likes to fill the silence
With fantasy and dreams.

We have to think of something
To say from ‘neath the nose
To satisfy the jawbone
As up and down it goes.

The mouth’s just an appendage
The jawbone likes to use
And words come out in legion
To irk or just amuse.

But words are inefficient
Though put however neat
The jawbone would be silent
Without the use of meat.

Dave Tomlin

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