Nine Months from Present Tense

Stalwart tent stretch summons playthings that darn the yard with yeast and stone. Schenectady points out fissure tenable on toast points. Are you hungry now, or is your curiosity mildly stalled? This one worn shade of grace may speak for days about abnormal openings we’ll leave to the doc on call. Are you twinned with raiment by way of petty theft from closets full of wrap? The mustard seed could match all madras shorn. Beleaguered graduate assistants voice disgust to one another far from earshot of the provost. Is this your best work? inquired the foster parent parroting the vetting of a would-be speech to be delivered nine months from present tense. 

Lovelorn progeny, peacock hues, a magistrate who sings the blues



Sheila E. Murphy







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