Oh! Nature, what can I write about you?

The Sun, the Moon and the dancing stars

Mountains, rivers, lakes and sky

Religions, rituals, customs and traditions

You made it wonderful with your thoughts and visions.


Oh! Nature, what can I write about you?

Plants, animals, humans and birds

Droughts, earthquake, cyclone and floods

Birth, growth, decline and death

It’s all possible only for you to wreath.


Oh! Nature, what can I write about you?

You make happy every creature

You give wood for the food

You give oxygen that makes human life possible

You give your nest for the rest.


Oh! Nature, what can I write about you?

I had few queries

Some things to surprise

What all I thought

I could just write.







Monalisa Parida
Photo Nick Victor


Bio:- A post graduate student of English literature from India, Odisha and a prolific poetess. She  is very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been translated into different  languages and publish in various e-journals.

   She has got 100 international award for writing poetry. Her poems have been publishing international e-journals “New York parrot”, “The Writers Club” (USA), “Suriyadoya literary  foundation”, “kabita Minar”, “Indian Periodical” (India) and “Offline Thinker “, “The Gorkha Times “ ( Nepal), “The Light House”(Portugal), “Bharatvision”(Romania), “International cultural forum for humanity and creativity”(Aleppo, Syria), “Atunispoetry.com”(Singapore) etc. And also published in various newspapers like “The Punjabi Writer Weekly(USA)”,  “News Kashmir (J&K, India)”, Republic of Sungurlu (Turkey)” etc.

One of  her poem published an American anthology named “The Literary Parrot Series-1 and  series-2 respectively (New York, USA)”. Her poems have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Persian, Romanian etc.  And she is the author of the book “Search For Serenity”, “My Favourite Grammar”, “Paradigm”, “Beyond Gorgeous”.










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