Psalm For Little Richard

Good golly Miss Molly! Here he comes !
With his flippy flip kink
slip n slide hips
and rompy stompy piano hoofin’ hot howlin’ turbo kicks
He was the rill thang!
Scared the bejesus out of all the grannies in white Amerika
Shakin’ his shing a ling
Hot demon whoopin’
What kind of freaky deaky devilry is that ?
Stormy – eyed electric iguana
ORIGINAL star stepper
Ghetto sent Rock Messiah
Supa- fly knife- sharp genius
Just ask Elvis Patti Smith
James Brown Bowie or Prince
Wheeling his fire to black and white
Sequined word wit screaming alive
Cheated by the bad and the ugly
They stole his tunes and fleeced him dry  
Left him preaching at God’s motel
Praying  for  peace praying for himself …



Saira Viola

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One Response to Psalm For Little Richard

    1. it’s over
      Saira Viola
      told true
      by you
      tutti frutti
      oh rooty
      no news obit
      better said it

      Jeff Cloves

      Comment by jeff cloves on 16 May, 2020 at 9:01 am

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