Oxford Independent Book Fair

OIBF Magazine Issue #1 May 2020

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    1. I am one of the organisers of the Oxford Indie Bookfair and magazine on your cover. You kindly reviewed my first novel Brushstrokes in Time. My second novel set in Oxford and India as well as exploring multi-racial relationships like my own flags up Ashoka who in effect was resposble for the religion known as Buddhism and was forgotten for 100 years. My third novel Not so Black and White is co-authored with the inspirational Nancy Mudenyo Hunt. The Oxford Times said it was ‘the book to read after the black lives matter protests’. This feature was published in June when the ebook was launched. It is now available as printed as well. Would you be interested in flagging it up? https://bit.ly/3e3arNr Ox mag printed

      Comment by sylvia vetta on 4 September, 2020 at 3:00 pm

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