Save the ocean, save the climate!


Atlantic cod and other fish

The climate is in crisis and there’s a simple solution that our politicians are currently ignoring: ending overfishing.

The ocean is our strongest defence against climate breakdown but the damage we’re doing to it through overfishing is threatening its ability to protect us.

The ocean has already absorbed more than 90% of human-generated heat in the last century. It’s world-saving stuff, and it wouldn’t be possible without lots of fish.

These tiny heroes are saving the environment just by doing what fish do: eating, swimming and, well, pooing and dying. All of these actions help to capture carbon and send it deep to the bottom of the ocean where it can’t cause dangerous heat increases. Their schooling also helps to push nutrients up, which feed plankton, microscopic floating plants responsible for producing around 70% of the world’s oxygen.

A healthy planet needs a healthy ocean, and a healthy ocean needs fish.

But right now overfishing is threatening their existence. As some species are fished to near collapse, the whole balance of the ocean is being destroyed.

Please sign the petition now calling on our EU leaders to take action to end overfishing, for the sake of the climate.

sign HERE

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