Self-Isolating, She Moisturised the Handrail along the Stairwell



Following advice, she washed her hands to the dryness of ironic perfection. All those different types of creams I got for her. When the skin’s normal ecological environment is compromised. Going up or going down the stairs, holding on tight, the effect was bound to wear off. Tissue consumption and extinction. Emollient cause. Imagine it a long curving bannister and you gliding along the residue of fragrant oils. There is little scientific evidence that a handrail will survive beyond its demise. Snaking stability and support. I discovered its coating by my very own hands and extrapolated. The conventional height, a la creamed or no, is between 0.9 and 1 metre. There’s a clearance value?


Beyond all demise
those who wear

a metre of the
conventional, survive.

I washed off
scientific residue

and discovered
different values.

Ironic creams
are a dryness of types

and the following of
a tissue emollient.


Your hands own their curving along
the ecological decline, a gliding skin
coating its extinction with evidence
of ironic consumption. Washed and
fragrant, there is a residue of support,
but the stability has been compromised.
It is all oil, snaking along the curve as
an emollient, yet we can now only
imagine its perfection. The wear and
wear is scientific though in the hands of
extrapolation a la hands washed of cause
and effect. Residue consumption is the
tissue of what will survive, this holding
off a demise in what is going and going.




Mike Ferguson

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