Six Paintings

Gouache & Oil Pastel


Gouache, Oil Pastel


Gouache, Oil Pastel & Oil


Reaching Profusion                                                                                                        
Gouache, Oil Pastel


Gouache & Oil Pastel


The Rooms Diminish Silently                                    
 Gouache, Acrylic Medium & Oil Pastel


Lawrence Freiesleben   (email:  [email protected])

Despite numerous one-person exhibitions of paintings [1] Lawrence Freiesleben has always remained thankfully/frustratedly in the shadows. Being out of step and out of time has long been his speciality. His first ‘novel’ The Bow [2] was unfathomable, his second, Maze End, spent much of its time in Paradise, and his third, Certainty Under the Rose, was set in the early 1980’s (!) The fourth, Estuary and Shadow, is still in limbo while he Digresses in the International Times [3], writes short stories [4] and poetry and struggles to reach 100 rejections a year, (most agents and publishers don’t even bother to reply, so 100 dispatched queries is easy by comparison).  

In the 40 years since school became a memory, he has lived in over 17 different areas of the U.K. from Devonshire to Northumberland. Currently, with his wife and the youngest of their children, he lives on the marshes of the river Kent in Cumbria.



2)   ISBN-10: 1900152657



By Lawrence Freiesleben

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