Somebody Took Over America

Somebody took over America
‘Grabbed her by the pussy,’ and slammed her against the wall
Was she drugged by Nembutal?
Now she’s awake and on fire
Somebody took over America!

Somebody took over America
He’s a butt tongued billionaire
Blue talking gut -busting pork faced kook
With whip stitched, straw coloured hair
Uses populist themes to build sand castle dreams
And at every turn has a new trick – a novelty up his sleeve

He sits in squalid luxury
An obscene tower of gold plated power
Dollar don demagogue the Washington red of
White sheet ‘supremacy,’
Bitch slapped reason and sucker punched integrity

Somebody took over America
She is the smiling face of capitalist shame
Endorsed by big bucks celebrities
Pop diva Katy, and soul sista Bee
They wear shiny dresses, and pose hand on hip on TV
For the private queen of Wall Street

Somebody took over America
Jenny L penned an ‘open,’ letter to a chi-chi magazine
She wants everyone to read her state of the nation address,
Because she’s a world famous actress
But war hawk Hillary and her bloody bomb drops,
That stream of wiki leaks ,Weiner dick sleaze and husband Bill
Hardened and turned voters’ hearts –
Flag-waving feminists –
Bum-rushed by a stars and stripes misogynist

Somebody took over America
They say it’s okay to call Michelle
‘An ape in heels,’ do they know how that feels?
It’s red neck trash-talk comes straight outta
the swamp,
Melania rocks a silver thong and
her waxed punnani for all to see
She’s Johnny’s wet dream but that won’t stop the
Cheerleading racists of Trump’s plutocracy

Somebody took over America
And they’re giving out fake deportation orders at school
Against ‘Mexicans,’ ‘Muslims,’ and ‘Jews’
They’re dabbing walls with hate,
Offering, the crumbling remains of
The American dream on a plate

Somebody took over America
Now what’s the world going to do?
Stand on the side-lines and watch,
The rise of a demon god.


Saira Viola
Illustration: Joey Feldman





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2 Responses to Somebody Took Over America

    1. That’s some powerful shit. Brilliantly penned acerbic wit. No doubt in Trump’s America, this writer will end up on an enemies list. 🙂

      Comment by Unitas Quick on 17 November, 2016 at 5:19 pm
    2. This is inspired . Thank you Viola and Feldman

      Comment by Lizzie James on 17 November, 2016 at 6:25 pm

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