Where white lily blooms
Will sing a song of the cyclone

Two impatient hearts
Two vagabond heads
Folded in our pockets
And the sound of our own voices

We are a full-time dreamer
Ocean clouds only know our dreams
Voices of broken guitar and violin
Dark locks of the night
Today is Saturday, day after tomorrow
On Monday night
We are going for a poetry meet
Wordless poems, what this night needs…





© Asoke Kumar Mitra
Illustration Nick Victor



Born 1950, from Kolkata, India, studied at Hindu school and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

He is a retired journalist and was editor of “CALCUTTA CANVAS” and “INDUS CHRONICLE”.

He is a bilingual poet. He has contributed to various anthologies published in India and abroad. His poems are translated into Hindi, Punjabi, Assamese, Italian, French, German, Polish, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Malay, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Catalan.

“SAVAGE WIND” is his first poetry book, a bilingual edition, translated into Spanish by Mexican poet Josep Juarez. This has a separate edition published by Altaspera Publishing &Literary Agency INC, in Canada and distributed by LULU,IE under separate ISBN. This book is published from Italy also with Italian translation by poet Elisa Mascia, Italy.

“SONG OF PABBLES” is his second book, a bilingual edition, translated into French by Marjorie Meetoo from Mauritius. Published from Kolkata, India.

Poetry, photography, paintings are his passions.


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