Speakfeel III

speakfeel art

Rabid   tasks of breaks   flaying rotten strips   centripetal pit across depth end   beam tip lighted withal   pursuers into summer  limp wire   sullied stagnation   accept no side to or bottom wrecked under   stamens blunt   opaque matt snub    noses clip   trembling

Shivering moss awash for shining question   dull drops fleshed hammering apex lines holding their breath   clumsily incomparable   silent response   spoiling   oiling  first spears  fast cleansing enclosure  upper new brew    relative juice sharpened to drinkability  held breath   released glued nerve  restored nameless particular wake by neutrino appreciated

Needle eye too small   hair unkempt   optical tertiary   static   rainbow disappeared with an impression until practice empties out  filling own solid concrete black buds  duly muffing   blind hiding complex deaden their interiors   synthesis of plugs

Henceforth eel hostile  normal molar radial tongue   serum frontal limbs without    inviolate  rarely ignore noise   worthless after fruit  scraper  impulse to be shared  restricted   nothing now end  take to work for lateral restriction

Sword dessicator  extended lake   here no superior dissensions  with foot band takes empty stability   courage in cube  goes extra concentrated first after rejection glass   unity one way arriving near  come recompose rivets  essay in additive droplets  dozes  infringement   desecrate blue bottoms   thoughtless if nothing makes no wrong   buttoning to you   I answer all that Babel   incomplete diluted bravado   shout out of five understretched vowels   blocked rampart emotions  pencils transient   external   blatant before strands meeting lost   caught nothingness   chopped   discreet  cloudy after rushes out of implosion  sediment turbulent   nothing absolute  how mute pull thither baroque  sheathed strings absent   prodding planes boil over   scribble on six   the black dog goes earthward   nerves

Beginning though if at loggerheads wandering minus pummelling  empty strings   aspirant now crumples antagonist   then palatal hiatus

Pacifist deadening stands firm   leans on scuttle desert wind dropped   sagebrush   bestial price unknown petals heaving   bodies out of alignment  monster scansion  liberty revived   sadly riding forward   empty hat   fallen crudity

Emotionally still passages bleached  then glued   straight hot retorts   neglecting wood rumbles ignoring strategically whist   distilled flies  soothe aard-varks  disentangling furred locks  before fried offside  responsively darkening lengthwise  scaled sentimental saved  inertia spreading   slender succeeded blessing   bouncing flour   dry brandy whistles   pumping tube   cacophonous pitch   stick bulrush realising bottom far

Dissociated connections stare  hindsight-free   cubic universal   elevated heretofore    post-dated flunking sheet   skiving fled   permissive swept

Boulders could not stabilise into a standing through bottoms dipped into each other’s curves even though there was a semblance of lung space within compensation for the inanimate

Waking in three minutes contracted by a split second  lifting curves together  so linear until uniqueness unknown   alive  indulgence in energised eternity   never ad lib   pong  scarce   prayerless creed going before   sparring   dulling   thawing   here and hither   limp  flat

Cooling goes to meaning  disciplined torturer drowned to a planet   distancing  pinning   hitting   bleaching   coarsening  clearing palates to thorax therapy  coarse henceforth  dip plumbing pulled in fast to be had   you never were  you so stupid and why did emotion perish in the transformation   you could never hide it   if also everything ignoring impossible  so hiding   yes   bakes unwanted out of everything taboo   escape clause given   but with it solidified   none oviparous shouting   ordering   piling   pointing  grot not for nothing  you ignore hens shallows leaping there   extraneous ephemeral   hating  rubbing on sal ammoniac  trivial on stacking   drawing   musing  congratulating calm saddle   drivelling stop

Complements broadcast  withering slices   incidental order  patting square   losing dividers  dovetailing horses  bleeps over   pain rushing  curve never off   insects noisily stitched   old man reminiscing giving good growth  loosely riling over  cul-de-sacs  shut nor blind fog sawing coolly  parsimony harmonising avatar zoeotrope  full moulding points   you periphery


Preceding the toe rarely   four planes cap it all   far-sighted bradall   allusive twig   apathetic mound   interned now honourably   acid before floods  channel concentrated sound   spread pans  electric sewing machine  cool gregarious revelations bluntly grown   avaricious   you answer   gravitational pictures   hips   wickiups pacifying fleshy interiors   pouring my mourning rutting tube   thinned detached sirens  divests mends abhors  smooth clumsy nonentities   question went from a fail   with one-way mirrors  arpeggios gurgling   whacking   lost   freed  ugly   forwards

Realities restructured go major epidemic   blessings   singing nothing linear   this coal    meanness   cleanliness   from a sensation  thudding   blood donors   axes pitch  combed out of lull  shouting refrain  this in   on the line   boxed ellipse   dip something forwards   gently mature   bole   teapot  counterpointing cold poison   window slavish   humble slow-worm out of usual eternity marching   never sure  really strung   release dam   limestone storm   surging then missed   maelstroms out of place  consoling trumpets  irresponsible names at random   amnesty then smooth   literal

Bedrocks rumble   incomplete around hither   ignorantly leaving all waves messed wise   no time   winning adjectives  chameleon rests conjure  down rubber band   repelled brewing   coarse unifications   eighty-one passionately retroactive   amber germs   strontium in cold paper   down vermilion slopes yet bound   left flowing    curative entomology chopped regular from toadstools  clean fight controlled   cylindrical ad lib pole   grey store   antibody health   climbing sackcloth   inimical broth  fibreglass   submerged tubas migrated secondly   piranhas astride though well   disgrace under holes here   numbed oven

Saved gorgeous rare anemone   toe   thin herbivore sticks   crude   asphyxiating   blobbing sweeps blunting unannounced fragments of euphoria   trench trap mud and porridge through all pelts stay   upper boredom   time amorphous   replenishing stumps   bartering sage losses  pleasant canine encouragements stating vertically dry rot   crimson débacle   influenza   stillness   dead   hatched nothing balms   mushy stems   pencilled grates   sparse censoring balls  land masses solving forward  arouse inertia  bunk without ceremony   three old bulls and freezing abstainers   filter distillate down precious feel   blood   nitroglycerine  chin   adze   genius is full against granite   unknown marmoset  elms   hyenas prod extra screenless  shored ingenuous carnivore   quiescent rivets  blotched astute platypus  clear-skinned   lamentable rejoicing aground   falsely jungle   rare retraction of the perfective with the herd  vice drought of singularity  verbal fortification of individuality   then idling pause blocked by mending without syntax nor any contrasting acceptance given as a snub  a negative seeping back   some feelings   ugly wires   prodded ignorance will thus in straightening before fatal cliffs   from an arena   jumping hard   apex of despair  turbine  stasis affirmed  spear   something for a toboggan  not merrygorounds before ecstasy breathing sunb-dials under a shade   generously withholding the same alley   arresting blocks dropping and everyone labelled predictable rug   why did the noun not find the edge?   Sucking   gushing   I may not multiply heartily   aged mosquito  importunately serious   shrapnel left   cup moulded glass   shiny push monoculture conjectured  weakened for no elimination  bold qualifier if preposterous

Hoed grains   powdered mementos with rampant pole whips could set up solidified oil precipitate off orderless chunks   dessication viscosity  vanishing plastic for the slip and the penetration   red lake starving with abstractions in abundance released from dead blocks   gregarious squashed praise   oval cloth   bone cleavage therefore stretched   pit stuck   sheet of nothing   flattening downwards   triangular beating openly so destroying nothing  less brewing   all rattling out of raunchy barrels   rigid   out of detergent   then nothing   clotting down roots  fighting   stunting   just as freakish straggling   upper nothing  hating   few meteors whisper   picking junk  random cuddled ant  falling esparto   here moping   evasions out of hostility were lost wondering before some plaudit held back with it

Antibiotics distorted out of one view   static asymmetry   relatively absolute   cursed from chromium  please   liberating down and before worth salvage of snare   provocation of unique saved   flattery   primary contraction   starling   calf   observer mumbling  lead pipe fantasy   zinc   plutonium   silver  magnifier pushed   conceited in fug   cruelty found   physical gross and depressing reserve   from early dusk to blue cold   seriousness opened   incomplete  dry log jams  lucid senility over them acutely ruffling cosmopolitanism   bicycle harmonising   tensely rejecting   quicksand up restless   sparing thorax pandas and barely relaxing   ever down a  saurian   frugal security injecting jewels  justified  not now wrong  exit with pentagon jumping  pop promoted birthmarks  courting robe   the boulders did not soften on touch as expected   lamb growled   skeining cubicle  modern point hunched  saving jet poured

Iridium phlox holding bile of old waved together   cosseting tongs for the worst hippopotamus if one knows   scratching detachments   rhumba digest   martial curse remembered  tonics   flutes scrambling up   breathing on microscopes   dissimilar garrulity alert launches lines   scruffy scatter  luck strung   seven kelpies   losing shame   leaving satiety  girl solid   Perspex insulation   sowing siphon tube  eaves banister eschatology  lumber periscope fiddling grooves   economics   plaza  gaping stifled plummeting trombone  cowslip pedestrian entity   fresh   honest blade quiescent bliss   bolted blowpipes   fairly hellish convalescences  departs to flesh or air  growl   sow  rented layered belittlement   deal canter  gnu  spinning seeded dark madness   segments without lunacy proved  patting of the energetic  full houri went before

Everything but talking now   this argument quite wild   cuff hose dirty in leaps   nitrogen obliquely bright   cattle  skins thrive   restrictions spoken  gleam  pebbles  miss black stands pulsing   dried short of maxim of unification, parallel generations out of lantern   naturally plodders on the track mark   adding last stillness groundsheets subside but obediently pin groans   drag innocence out of plastic cubes    anchors line in  quickly dropping   aimed sinking   rabble limpets aside of beans   breath held dumping swine ground apart   no green phial cures them   none without white currant marrow careering off sinker sponges   box limps hoarding sediment   calm caramel encrusting ideas if tasseract straightens   regain footing   waltzes covered under nothing   small annoyance   slim boomerangs   steriliser healthy   drops a few aitches to be sure   nastily encouraged  rudely over   blocked concentration   little thought  casting from here   relapses initiating awry   bad and inadequate rolling  scarves puritanically released   dissipating maze uncalled for   banal potions of regular poverty   rigidified nemesis blandly crammed   passed here   silver walls   saving stage   placidly enough  two yardarms absolutely in earth   half-opaque cullenders

Fat nail yam won’t necessarily redound   stepping out   none grinning    plod sour dissociations  stop out of a staff notation   out of the clarity one way planted dug and answered   gonorrhoea could be fading now   the front becomes old metabolic rate   padding ingot keep monotony out of mixed tones   sprouting debilitates  soil deaden alleys condensed whatever dampening bottoms of unleavened bread environmentally seeing fine   textured both areas dwarfish timed   but obelisks skittish   misshapen  seasonal consequence relative   this hoard  predators  painting peninsula porcelain in   would marginality hide beyond a feeling aforethought   certainties drain stones lead tied erections   covered interiors   boos behind dock leaves vanquished areas painted thaw pupae out of hydrangeas  rocket sweetly on fountain pens   straighten

Poor sage  emptied cramped virtue in being acute   earthly   less yours gravel  embracing nectar unlike   if not so willing   mussel sketching ripple   buy salmon   smooth yaks  topsoil  taut   repetition die before frustrating exhaustion loves sibilant go on   jungle dissimilar   sane torrent panel   straight   clear dry cold blast  osmium lump soufflé   strong quatrains over rush  sprites lambasting treaties   bay plaque release  intern plumbago   thighs mobile   chips blacked   blunt distillery weak  tower soothing wound hinterland  crack gone first   every ionosphere clean   cassettes out of motiveless padding   rejoicing javelins  pure praising   what will never claim from first whole surface vessel   end own smiling

Lamination   depression of a curved chipped bowl  backwards   agree  bent plants   dull mauve boxes   provoked knifing lies   forcing stern gifts in tankers  chains   diesel   historians   sarcophagi    thoughts   piles new hewn   stepping emeralds  about a passion without any solid skimmed inimical buttressed ramparts grounding on metamorphic apathy    bull shaded in gum Arabic   pontoon masonry nails blurred honour hide striding   brass of wheat germ horses   moan death off   unhappy from a taroit or salad   llamas are on toes   soured carbon pith  trump hatpins  ugly gnats   sleeping dioxide  cough offending respect  tootling thirteens laugh piffling stubs crescendo  drying ticklish forthright  flour of arm  mother of pearl  sombre mackerel hating ham  sequel mendacity   ditch caressed   sparring flints   rush repulsively benign   spirit pivot opacity  hubs seizing up   oil  wolfram  bloated toad fine stroke zip deep frisby

Can in a crate slung inequitably blue   without insular stagnation   turtles plodding   plots absorbent  jumping cuttlefish  absurd pewter eased nastily  pigs   hawthorn recklessness   gymnastic separation   glancing blow   nerve tonic   towns mercilessly dictating fillings   shanks’ pony  killjoy bric-a-brac if never shunned   systematic spool   parading bone of sandbags   glass  ferns    extraneous mellifluous  avoiding windless idle  sand   humble arrows shorn from Swedes if stupidly straightened   false foundries   bitter centre bared   slim magnetism  travois origins joined   symmetrical exterior  unfurled   happy in ignorance

Forbidding prospect   verdict cast   wheatgerm   slithering ballerina strip   arable patchwork   doomed radial forms   hessian self-denigration  drooped vaccine   untoward goggles   active attendance   skip winkles bloated maliciously  aim enunciating discordant mew  rubber-necked fruit   rye orbs  daffodil gum ordering ponderously at scrap   glory of mynah birds  staggers pitting in palimpsest   alpha irrelevant    goose pimples   briefly honeysuckle insinuating tops  wittering flushed bulbs   ease hard   snakeskin shades   urban accelerated dip   tomatoes stand   work sketches  pleasant suburbs  essentials descend   casual hated cramming wisdom   soporific hinterland  glow-worm wandering shield

Spalpeen knighted   floppy disc   shovel reason   stately establishment   stereophonic stew   cobra rocked   extrasensory balaclava   helmet festering   tied fetters   extinguishing pummelled counterpane   garland partially pure   stepping on blues   continent in canoe   endowed with sadness   deepened grit from excavators   so oblivious   may ever spinal column   substances joining rods and bands   insulted   rude rebuke   poverty   yachting cap patting   pomegranate ceclaiming   herbal glasses blending   charcoal melted  Palaeolithic nurture  peace fermenting  rulers in consecration   Christian thongs gush   slender acid upwards   flesh paper   jab plugging   phlegm obliterating  tension  explicit skulduggery   darkening satsumas  republics   black building freehold   pigeons   cull   priestesses selling  slow gold beans  dug up   encrusted   carrycot doubled back  purple directed   rough and ready   straighten contents   pliers  restoration of paralytic satire   rectum surged   prelude in saffron order   boning rivers  spar axial  delta cirrus  fleeced cloche  rim candle   sediment release  shaven prose   sawdust accepted  right air direct   bottom anticipating off revulsion energy if before feelings are rough  to beam right rat   capture inconsequential flour   articulate blind abundance   disinfectant corrected

Over butterfly   shallow bleached reprieve   open mend control   pruned humility   plucking ninepins  forgetting identical remain  excision   deference   saucers  you not only outside the crutch   boring tonic   legal paratha  cosmology cease  reclining skip  planned bald hilly blob   ring off original   payments invited  deep breathed balloons   scumming spoons  shuffled tallow cylindrical prospect   voice gentle acid flooded reservoir   pink pit

Saving lemonade   rudely pumped corpuscular  complementary east breeze   strip mumbles subdued   direct wrap falling  honest substance in order   celebration  polystyrene tongs   fiddled ice  kilometres clashing  barking virtue pleased   smelting deadly nightshade  waxed worm  skewer humidity

Grape shot firmed   balsam   knife  mitten   black chutney   employee   decanter   weed   ineptitude with customs to space written off   sunshine  split ends   gout   diminuendo   felt shock   drugged  tone   cotton   toad   lily pad   back freeze   saving boiled   custard screw  thread arrow hones   capping chords   helpless  conjouring loops blown   splits out of jaws  barbed glass   acoustic pulses  imprecise krypton pooled  gold dust wood couch noodles   this cortisone cummerbund antidote verse bowl  boiler back   parchment dispersing raft

Nettle   antibody   space spread strainer   cutlery   nude   deodorant red  scissors fluorescent   light vacuum cleaner  biro boil beginning schedule   month in blatant mule  hard saliva   chisel continuity copybook drop   sanity  artery  block stamped  squashing mop   window on gentian bridge   dressy shallow emotion  something chopped   humble   etched   dog  ragwort  orang-utan nostril angel

Concentric tales   split urn weakness  petrol   choral dumpling  distilling bunkers  wood slate cool following illiteracy   splatt   effluent  pasture  hazel   pressed cacao  sucking loose centre caught rolled cool  machine-gun   preceding pincushion eleven  flaccidity  pus   oxymoron  birthday   pouring busybody  pegged bell   dangling nursery heaved silage stretching shell   originality   nectarine   trigger milk teeth   stuffed government seams stale sterling sauté benefit  ladybird dagger

Codebooks must stay locked  galaxy   shaduf   cooperate   pendulum destruction sometimes easy-going  rhubarb makes fussy laws   loner with a clay pipe  open-cast mining   scythe growling  foresight costly   recovery  emblem elements  sound dissociation to unwind curd entity  rock lawn dollop rat palmistry  palatal leads horizontal poodles  coarse until solid then

Void stub cylinder hirsute   carnal hamster   tortilla slacking  pedal bridge mild hunks   silence  drop string hollow breath  so casual   beaten clinical marrow cheap   adored  perforated dollars  barked multiplicities  shiver saved astute profane iceman  cramped slender humble piled fully in muddy lawn karate   embraced deeply black to live   rising here   negligent loose brimful  smelting hammers without true wind   corridor garden proper if off  pan instinctive floor  vanishing ever open dead  giving bolts  not eyed jujitsu  serious   fled cuppa cough conduit clumsy florid eiderdown  antiseptic powder deposited  nice apathy hushed   bounding raisin ointment spread   formica snack  regular  landslide   furry muffin   sugar slipper   dimples   parallelogram  chased dull rifle  sinker body back aground   sheet mortgage aileron   solid thirty one   divides to nothing   dragged   groundhog   reassuring  profile diluted   peewit weak spot  exposed   neutrino harassed  tug snake telepathy   unleashed puff  stegosaurus lumbered nonchalantly along velvet joke without fibres left follows my lackadaisical porterhouse expletive

David Russell
Art Rob Holmes




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