Democracy would be a fine thing, but will I hear about it?

Cars overturn on bends, cats fall from trees and zero hours
contracts do whatever they can to be the good guy, even
as you bother to read them and struggle to focus.   If your

eyes are anything like mine, you’ll be prone to ‘incidents’.
Knowing when to turn up or – if you’ve created sufficient
havoc – collect your cards, doesn’t always make it to print.

You have a cool eye – then you’ll be quick to react?   Over-
come by kindness one minute, disregarded the next, links
us to happenings around the cosmos – an asteroid on the

loose will create frissons whenever we’re told to look up.
So I shan’t be saying much.   Security staff are warning of
problematics.   To put it another way, seeing clearly and

going public is living proof: I won’t be falling on all fours.

Peter Dent
Pic: Claire Palmer


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