Subject for Study


“ . . .the use of animal models constitutes
conceptual nonsense. Humans are the only
proper subjects for studies which aim to
elucidate human psychology.”
– Murray Cohen M.D.

The macaque would not tell us
what we need to know.
We shall return you to your life
if you still want to go there
once our records are complete.
First we cut a window

in your skull,
then thread these wires
to measure the pulse in your thoughts
as you accept your situation.
Have you taken amphetamines before/
Try to relax.
This is for the common good.
Arte you used to being alone?
Does it make you cry?

Do the squealing cats disturb you?
Do you have one at home?
What is its name?
What is your name?

Stress is a problem for many people
who appreciate your help.
Would you like a cigarette?
Are the restraints too tight?

Think of your body as a harp
strung with nerves. Look at these pictures
from the middle ages; wasn’t the Inquisition
a terrible waste with all its wheels and wooden racks.

When you sign the papers
confirming your compliance with our work
your soul shall be returned to you.
There it is, the cloud in the two litre jar.


© David Chorlton 2018

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