Safety in numbers, our way to security.

False camaraderie will sustain us,

guard us from reality;

that cold dawn that endeavours to impinge

upon our dusty isolation.

Attempts to force us to re-evaluate

will fail if we remain consistent,

let no one stray from our downward path.

We are one

sisters and fathers, mothers,

brothers of the useless lives

caught out a million times

protesting innocence through ignorance.


On a higher scheme of things

all lives are useless.

Illusory, ephemeral, transitory ghosts

in the concrete posts of dead-end streets,

whiffs of aural smoke from woodbine souls.

In this open pretext there exists no pretence,

admissions of hopelessness appear noble,

base and apex coincide

in this rundown surrender.

Detachment is the goal

and the asinego choir

brays its unholy assent

now and forever.




Mike McNamara
Illustration Nick Victor

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