I was going to write a poem

to the beauty of your eyes,

but first, I must monitor my energy rates

on the free market play of tariffs,

then compare my online holiday insurance,

flight reservations, excess luggage allowance

and hotel trivago status,

I was going to write a poem

to the beauty of your lips, but first

I must check my broadband speeds

then tailor my Sky-TV or Netflix package,

before sorting out the best mobile deal,

there’s my Amazon consumer-satisfaction

and eBay questionnaire to complete,

I may have PPI, and there’s a funeral plan

with no medicals and a free pen,

I have to google comparison websites

between meerkats and that opera singer

for car and house contents  insurance,

there are even short-term affordable payday

loans to bridge those times of crisis,

for they can beat any other online quote,

there’s just one simple pin-number to remember

and I can switch suppliers and bank accounts,

take advantage of market opportunities

and competitive internet pricing…

then I’ll write you love poems





Andrew Darlington
Illustration Nick Victor






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