The little typists

brand new material from those enigmatic overlords of nottingham’s electronic underground, the little typists.

scribbled down on a poorly discarded napkin on the holyhead train, whilst enjoying the view over the dee estuary, this one pretty much wrote itself.

don’t go leaving your empty drinks cartons, paper straw included, on our table.



“available now, along with other hidden gems, at

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One Response to The little typists

    1. I think I might like these very much, but I’m never quite sure of the extent to which they’re putting me on. Do they mean it? If so, what do they mean exactly? I saw them live a couple of years ago but I couldn’t say if they were kind of terrible or kind of brilliant. They didn’t sound remotely like they do on any of these recordings. I’d heard them on the radio one night and the next night they were performing in the back of a local pub in front of about 10 people, half of whom were playing darts. Maybe in about 10 years time there will be half a million people claiming to have been there, but having actually been there I’ll probably deny it.
      I’ve mailed them a couple of times for info and just got sent a load of free downloads.
      Does anybody know any more than I do?

      Comment by Denis Jones on 5 September, 2022 at 9:22 am

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