Turbulence, a whiskey splash
A minute away.
Wet with inner child
Kites run wild
Spree of freedom and sinking feet.
A deep cajoling
A wide open night 
A slow moving jazz beat 
A trinket of fairy dust 
Shadow’s dreamcatcher isle
Doodling over a white blanket
Mistakes and eraser
Our mothers know the way 
Protect like a key chain.  
The last rushing crawling
Deaths and little dinosaurs
Crayons, fabricated, sprinkled off. 
An Opal shaped halcyon phase
Dwindling steps 
A little swinging floor
Russet and rusty
An infinite way 
To love from above
A little push at the back 
Cherry kissed jumping off
Little bit of dare 
A little fear, a small red map over knee
A smudge from the elders
As if carrying little wildflowers
Inside a basket
Experienced insides of adult bones
Dilly dally fall 
Over the window
A little trinket of shower
A cathartic growth.


Sayani Mukherjee



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